Statement of Qualifications

Airtek Statement of Qualifications

Airtek is a full service environmental consulting firm that specializes in environmental management.  Since 1988 the company has progressively broadened its range of services to meet the expanding environmental needs of our diverse client base in the metro New York real estate and construction industries.  The firm’s continuous expansion is a testament to its commitment to its clients and its ability to provide straightforward, accurate information and discreet, cost effective services.  Today, Airtek  is one of New York’s leading firms in the area of hazardous materials investigation and management.

Since the company’s inception, Airtek has provided more than fifty million dollars in environmental management consulting and testing services in the metro New York tri-state region and has continuously maintained all certification, accreditation & licensees required to provide these services.  The firm has never had a contract terminated for non-performance, quality deficiency or cost overruns.

Airtek’s expertise in investigating and managing hazardous substances in support of building renovation and demolition.  The firm’s project team is thoroughly seasoned in the multi-jurisdictional environmental regulatory climate of the New York area.  The firm specializes in asbestos and lead-based paint management, has conducted thousands of environmental site assessments and is a leader in the field of indoor air quality.

Airtek’s experience includes such high profile projects as DASNY’s Remediation and Deconstruction of the CUNY Fiterman Hall at 30 West Broadway.  This building was severely damaged by the collapse of the World Trade Center and is currently being cleaned and deconstructed.  Airtek represented DASNY and CUNY against its insurers and worked with FEMA to help secure funds for the replacement of the damaged building with a new state-of-the-art educational facility.  This involved extensive Principal-level negotiations and presentations.  Airtek is currently leading the project team that includes Pei Cobb Freed and Partners and Tishman Construction to clean and remove the damaged building.  This project has involved careful application of nearly every environmental specialty from industrial hygiene studies for workers accessing the site, to waste characterization of both potentially hazardous building components and normally non-hazardous components impacted by World Trade Center dust.

Throughout the last two decades, Airtek has developed a widely-respected credibility among New York’s major environmental advocacy organizations, political leaders, community boards, labor unions, and decision makers at regulatory agencies on federal, state and local levels.  This earned credibility, combined with the proven ability to represent high-profile clients in politically sensitive situations offers the educational institutions an effective quality control tool.

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