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Airtek Environmental Firm Profile

Airtek Environmental Corp. was founded in October of 1988 to provide guidance to New York’s real estate community in reaction to evolving asbestos laws and liability. For nearly thirty years, the firm has developed into a team of investigation and management professionals specializing in a wide array of environmental issues.

The firm’s principals have made the commitment to be personally involved in all client service operations and have committed extensive time over nearly two decades to ensuring that Airtek staff understands and supports client priorities. The financial stability of the firm and the commitment of the principals to be actively involved in day-to-day operations set Airtek apart from national consulting firms that try to serve the dynamic New York market with a “local branch.”

Airtek Environmental Record Performance

Airtek combines nearly thirty years of experience in providing environmental consulting services in support of billions of dollars worth of construction and development management projects:

Airtek has never failed to complete a contract, or had a contract terminated due to the firm’s inability to provide complete, timely and professional services.

Airtek has never had a contract terminated due to cost overruns for our services, or for cost overruns of an abatement contractor or related trade being managed or monitored by Airtek.

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