Asbestos Management


Airtek’s approach to asbestos management is fact-based and cost-effective.

The adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is the key to cost-effective Airtek asbestos management. The presence of asbestos containing material (ACM) in a building does not necessarily mean the occupants are at risk. Before embarking on a costly asbestos removal project, Airtek recommends that its clients take the time to find out the true extent of the problem, and consider the many legal and more cost-effective options available. Airtek breaks the management of ACM into logical steps that allows you to control costs by choosing among options and how far to proceed.

  • Step 1: The Investigation

    An investigation can be comprehensive, covering every aspect of the building, or costs can be reduced by investigating only exposed, potentially hazardous materials. Costs can be cut further by investigating only certain areas of the building (for example, one floor that is to undergo renovation, or one room on a floor). Because each client’s situation is different, you should have a strong voice in the planning of any asbestos-related activity. If no asbestos is found during the investigation, or if the asbestos found is in good condition and will not be disturbed by renovation or activities, the project may stop at Step 1.

    You decide.

    If conditions exist that are of concern, you choose to move on Step 2.

  • Step 2: A Plan for Action

    What actions, if any, should be taken to respond to the results of the inspection? Airtek inspection reports include recommendations and cost estimates for each of the options we suggest. Wherever possible, Airtek will outline the risks and costs of choosing to remove asbestos immediately vs. managing the asbestos over time. If asbestos is to be left in a facility, a formal Operations and Maintenance Program (O&M Program) should be initiated at the site. The O&M Program is an organized set of procedures, training and documentation designed to reduce the potential for exposure to asbestos left in the facility, and provide protection against liability.

  • Step 3: Airtek Documentation

    Critical to any activity involving ACM is a system of documentation which will form the basis of a legal defense against claims which may arise 20 to 30 years in the future. Airtek’s documentation system was rigorously designed with these considerations in mind.

    Airtek Asbestos Services
    Asbestos inspections and surveys
    NYC-DEP ACP-5, ACP-7 forms
    Air monitoring
    Project management
    Abatement specifications
    O&M programs
    Laboratory services

Airtek environmental training division: conveniently located, hands on, fully accredited.
Airtek’s EPA/NYS DOH/NYC DEP accredited training center provides a comprehensive range of classes for asbestos licenses, lead management, OSHA compliance and more. Our classes are popular because:

– Airtek is centrally located in Long Island City. We can also conduct training at your facility to save you time and travel.
– All our trainers are experienced in all aspects of environmental technologies; training is hands-on.
– All courses meet applicable regulatory requirements.
– Airtek accredited laboratory offers quick and efficient service, 24 hours a day

Airtek’s laboratory in Long Island City provides accurate analyses for environmental assessment projects quickly and efficiently. Around-the-clock service by our experienced staff provides accurate data on time.

Approved by the New York State Department of Health Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP # 11040) and accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Approval Program (NVLAP 102011) and The American Industrial Hygiene Association – Laboratory Approval Program (AIHA-LAP, LLC LAB ID 100275)

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