Subsurface Testing

Subsurface Investigations

Environmental site evaluations are conducted for many reasons, and serve a multitude purposes. The advent of Brownfield’s programs as part of community redevelopment projects to encourage the reuse of environmentally impaired properties has focused attention on risk-based environmental appraisals. Quality data resulting from a comprehensive testing is particularly important when considering the due diligence associated with potential property investment. Soil exploration is essential to determine these characteristics prior to foundation design.

Subsurface testing can be conducted to discover:

– If the soil or groundwater contains any contaminants
– The distribution of the contaminants over a given site and the associated concentration areas
– If the contaminant levels exceed the threshold amount for given proposed development project.

It is essential that an assessment of subsurface conditions be completed prior to any on-site work. An Airtek investigator will evaluate the recognized environmental conditions in order to provide sufficient in information regarding the nature and extent of contamination. This knowledge will assist in making informed business decisions about the property.

In order to determine the presence or absence of environmental contamination, our investigators are trained in various aspects of all of subsurface exploration, including:

– Classifying and describing soils
– Conceptualizing subsurface and contaminant conditions to adequately focus subsurface investigations
– Designing and installing groundwater monitoring wells
– Sampling and monitoring groundwater
– Selecting and using drilling and soil sampling techniques
– Soil gas monitoring

Airtek Environmental Corp. utilizes one of the most versatile and efficient subsurface sampling systems available today. The direct-push system can obtain soil samples for site profiling and/or contaminant identification with minimal disruption to the site.

An Airtek subsurface investigation will identify possible contaminants, and based on the results of our investigation, we will work with you in developing a plan that limits liability and costs associated with development and management of the site.

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