Chemical Risk Assessment

Chemical Risk Assessment in New York

Companies that rely heavily on chemical use, transportation, storage or disposal are at a high risk of having health threats present in their buildings and vehicles. Even with proper OSHA training, dangerous chemicals can erode containers or arrive improperly sealed and contaminate an area in minutes. Hiring teams to perform regular professional checks to assess the work area and the procedures being used by workers for safety keeps employees protected from hazards. This also secures your company against liability claims, worker’s compensation costs and the loss of productivity that could come with major chemical cleanups and decontamination work if hazards are left alone too long.

Professional chemical risk assessments performed by Airtek Environmental surveyors identify the potential risks associated with chemicals within a business. The goal of these assessments is to understand the probability of a negative health or environmental impact from chemicals present in the workplace. These assessments provide data to create an effective written program of chemical management and allow authorization for work prior to new projects for companies in the fields of manufacturing and industrial work. They also allow for companies to revise practices that may go against OSHA regulations and retrain employees as needed in proper practices to secure their safety.

The chemical risk assessment covers three major points to assure a thorough analysis:

    • Hazard Characterization assesses the relationship between the degree of exposure to chemical hazards for workers and the potential for adverse effects to occur from exposure to those chemicals. It then determines the potential severity of those effects if workers do become exposed. This step identifies what hazards are on-site.


    • Exposure Assessment is done after hazard characterization to see just how often workers are exposed to these potential hazards. This step estimates the chances that the environment or people around the chemicals will be exposed to the hazards caused by the chemicals.


    • Risk Characterization takes the obtained information to determine the level of risk present and develop a risk management plan for a company to reduce this estimated risk level. This allows businesses to mitigate potential hazards and improve work environments.


  • Airtek Environmental employs industry experts that have the skills needed to develop and implement the measures for chemical management for companies. Whether your business has a single worksite, has a campus or is a multi-site organization, our team members have experience in performing surveys and assessments that keep your building safe for all employees.

Airtek Environmental can provide these services while performing a chemical risk assessment:

  • Regulatory Compliance Exposure
  • Evaluation of Physical Hazards
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (Review and Generation)
  • Process Safety Management
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • EPCRA Reporting Services
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