This course has been designed for anyone who wishes to engage in the survey, identification and assessment of the condition of asbestos and asbestos containing material, as well as the recording and reporting of such material. This course is also for anyone who is involved in the collection of bulk samples of asbestos material or suspected asbestos material for laboratory analysis.An Asbestos Inspector must possess a valid Inspector certificate and have their certificate or a copy of their certificate with them at all times while working on the project. This 3-day (8 hours per day) course combines lectures, discussions, and hands-on experience in accordance with AHERA and ASHARA regulations. Course includes the following topics:
  • Types and uses of asbestos
  • Potential health effects of exposure
  • Regulatory framework
  • Physical assessment of ACM
  • Legal liabilities
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Hands-on workshop