OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety at Airtek Environmental

OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety Training in NYC

OSHA scaffolding training courses have been developed to educate workers and administrators in proper safety protocol and procedures to follow while working. For the conscientious business owner, these informational classes are a crucial part of training for every person hired. By registering your company for these courses, you greatly improve employee performance and reduce workers’ compensation claims as employees perform with safety measures in mind. Understanding proper OSHA safety and health regulations bring moral and monetary benefits to the entire company.

Construction Safety Certification

This OSHA 30 hour construction safety training course has been developed especially for those who wish to become leaders in the field of construction and general industry. Future supervisors, foremen, and safety directors benefit from the health and safety education as it makes them more aware of the environment and prepared to handle emergencies and accidents effectively. With these courses, employees learn about the four primary work site hazards, proper use of equipment, the protocol for operating machinery and general work safety information. Labor Law §220, section 220-h states that for a Public Works project of at least $250,000, a company must have all on-site laborers complete an OSHA approved construction site safety course to fulfill OSHA training requirements. Before the start of any major project, it is important to have all employees complete training and receive their certification in the safety training course.

All that complete the course will receive a certificate proving that they have fulfilled the requirements and hours needed. Following that, a hard license will be printed and sent within 2-3 weeks to each certified person. This license can be used as proof of completion of training.

Airtek Environmental Can Come to Your Business to Host OSHA Classes

Airtek Environmental’s OSHA scaffolding training classes are hosted by industry professionals that provide employees with valuable information and answer questions from a position of experience. Airtek Environmental can bring OSHA training to your business to host classes, making it more convenient for employees to plan their attendance. With Airtek Environmental, your future management gets the tools they need to perform their jobs safely and learn to handle crisis situations with caution and professionalism. Airtek Environmental also has additional training classes available for companies hoping to provide training to cover the variety of needs a fully staffed business in the public works may have. Contact Airtek Environmental today and register your staff for Airtek’s OSHA 30 hour construction safety training course and prepare your company for your next big project the right way.