OSHA 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher

OSHA 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Course

Whether your business specializes in construction, healthcare, waste disposal or environmental work, your employees need proper, ongoing training to keep themselves refreshed on the rules for working with hazardous materials. HAZWOPER courses are constructed to cover all the bases for those that work in a field with environmental and health hazards regularly. These classes teach workers to remain vigilant while handling materials and aid them in crisis management. When experienced employees are handling toxins, pathogens, flammable items and other materials on a daily basis, they may start to forget the ins and outs of their OSHA scaffolding training. Refresher courses remind them of proper protocol and supplement their knowledge with additional information that trainers can provide.

This OSHA 8 hour HAZWOPER refresher course is specially designed for site workers that handle hazardous waste or are exposed to dangerous health and environmental elements during their time at work. As a refreshed course, it will reintroduce trained workers to HAZWOPER training and the regulations that OSHA has developed to protect employees and companies from potential dangers in these fields.

These classes will covers topics on safety and health plans, identifying safety hazards, medical surveillance, interacting with hazardous chemicals, decontamination procedures, personal protective equipment, air monitoring, site control and use of respiratory equipment. Additionally, this course qualifies pre-existing HAZWOPER certification holders for renewal. To keep certification valid, this course must be taken annually by licensed HAZWOPER workers.

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Utilizing Airtek Environmental for your training needs gives your employees access to field experts that provide top-quality training and supplemental information that can help employees better navigate hazards in their specific fields. Airtek Environmental specializes in identifying and mitigating environmental and health hazards for businesses and have the know how to educate your employees on how to stay safe while working in dangerous environments. Maintaining a thorough understanding of work hazards through OSHA scaffolding training allows employees to work with confidence and companies to cut costs related to accidents and on-site injuries. By investing in these mandatory courses for employees through Airtek Environmental, you supply the best safety education available for your valuable employees.

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Duration: 1 day