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31 August 2017

Mold Inspection in New York: Airtek Environmental |

Mold Inspection NYC

New York prides itself on being an epicenter of business and culture in the United States. Companies that make their homes on and around Long Island know that maintaining an environment of safety and good health for their employees is essential to staying successful in the fast paced world of business in the Big Apple. When contagions appear in company spaces, business owners can find themselves struggling with ongoing health issues among employees. In New York City, mold can be an especially troublesome contagion due to the close proximity to water. With the help of companies like Airtek Environmental, mold problems can be identified and mitigated with the help of a mold inspection in NYC.

A mold inspection in New York is essential to identify all sources of mold in your building. If you suspect your property might have a mold issue, scheduling an inspection can prevent an outbreak of upper respiratory problems and agitated health conditions among staff. Without intervention, chronic exposure can result in prolonged symptoms and makes performing at work difficult for those with mold allergies and sensitivities and those with asthma or lung conditions. Mold inspections help to prevent disruption in productivity caused by these symptoms and keep workers comfortable and safe in their working environment.

Mold Inspection Process

The initial meeting with your environmental health inspector from Airtek Environmental will begin with a series of questions asked to create an initial assessment of the situation. By helping them pinpoint any water, weather or moisture issues your company has been having within your building, you can help your inspector locate problem areas and devise better solutions for your mold issue. This initial meeting will also give you opportunities to ask questions of your own and provide specific observations for the inspector.

These inspections performed by Airtek Environmental’s investigate areas most likely to facilitate mold growth, like boiler rooms, air ducts, and water systems, by performing a visual inspection and taking surface and air samples. These samples help the inspector locate the sources of mold in the building and identify the types of mold. By uncovering this information, the inspector is able to meet with the building owners and help them devise a plan of action to mitigate the mold issue.

Mold Inspection in New York with Airtek Environmental

The mold inspection in NYC gives Airtek Environmental’s specialists the tools they need to develop a plan for mitigation alongside you and your health and safety staff. These plans vary depending on the source of the mold problem and can include repairs to the water system, sealing or mending sources of leaks from the outside environment, and deep cleaning the affected areas with industrial supplies. The planning process takes into consideration your company’s needs, budgets, and time constraints in order to create the most efficient and appropriate remediation for your business.

Airtek Environmental is a New York-based company that knows the ins-and-outs of how the environment on Long Island can affect the health of buildings. With top of the line equipment and experienced staff, we are able to provide cost-effective solutions to keep buildings safe from contagions that can harm employees and affect morale. Contact Airtek Environmental to schedule a mold Inspection in New York to meet with our experts and improve the environment of your employees’ workplace today.


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