OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety

OSHA 10 Hour Training NYC

New employees in construction rely on adequate training to do their jobs safely and well. It’s with initial training programs that these new employees learn how to succeed in the world of public works projects. The skills supplied by OSHA scaffolding training for construction safety are a crucial part of these training programs as they teach new workers the importance of following safety regulations, how to use machinery and tools without injury and how to respond in case an accident occurs. These often life-saving courses that OSHA has created are designed to reduce injuries, production delays and worker’s compensation costs for companies.

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The 10 hour OSHA training course for construction safety is an introductory course for new workers that teaches them how to identify and prevent hazards on a construction site. Raising general awareness and teaching preventative measures gives each new worker important tools for keeping the work site safe for all laborers. This 2-day course covers an introduction to OSHA, the four hazards commonly found on a worksite, the proper use of protective equipment and more. With this course, your company can cover topics pertaining to OSHA 29 CFR 1926 regulatory standards. For Public Works projects over $250,000, it is necessary for all workers to take OSHA training courses to fulfill the requirements for Labor Law §220, section 220-h.

Each participant will receive a certificate proving that they’ve completed the necessary training hours. A hard license will be mailed within 2-3 weeks of completion.

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Airtek Environmental has the means to provide a variety of training courses for your employees. Our staff is specially trained in health and environmental safety and have ample tools for educating your workers and answering any questions new employees might have. Working with an experienced and certified company for OSHA scaffolding training ensures that your employees are getting the best education possible. It is pertinent that laborers have a full understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe while working in hazardous environments like construction sites. By registering for these classes provided by Airtek Environmental, your employees can rest easy knowing they are well-prepared for the work ahead.