Local Law 31 of 2020


10 September 2020

Local Law 31 of 2020 |, , ,

Our firm is ready to assist you as you navigate Lead policy, including recently enacted Local Lead Law 31 of 2020. This law from HPD states that an owner must use an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified inspector or risk assessor, independent of the owner or any firm hired to perform lead-based paint remediation, to test for the presence of lead-based paint in a dwelling unit. The inspection must take place within 5 years of the effective date of the law (by August 9, 2025) or within one year if a child under the age of 6 comes to reside in the unit (whichever is sooner). As of January 1, 2020, the term “reside” now means that a child under six years of age lives in the dwelling unit in a pre-1960 building, OR a child under six years of age routinely spends 10 or more hours per week in such a dwelling unit.

Our EPA certified inspectors and risk assessors are ready to help you comply with all your testing needs! Please call us at (718)937-3720 with questions, and to schedule your testing today!


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