Factors Affecting Microbial Growth | Airtek Environmental in New York

15 June 2017

Factors Affecting Microbial Growth |

Factors Affecting Microbial Growth The key to a productive staff is creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Maintaining work equipment and the physical state of a building is important, but there are potential threats lurking in a company’s infrastructure that are too small for the naked eye to see. Fungi and other …

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15 June 2017

Safe Handling of Asbestos |

Safe Handling of Asbestos There was a time in America when the use of asbestos flourished for its remarkable physical properties. A naturally occurring mineral that was resilient in strength, heat and insulating properties, asbestos was woven into textile and mixed in with cement that poured onto our floors and hung our walls. The chemical …

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Brownfield Incentive Grant Program

30 September 2010

Airtek Environmental Corp. Becomes an Approved Vendor for the Brownfield Incentive Grant Program |

Airtek Environmental Corp. has become a qualified vendor for the NYC Brownfield Incentive Grant Program. The BIG Program, administered by the NYC Office of Environmental Remediation, provides grants to support projects that help to redevelop brownfield properties in New York City. Developers and property owners can apply for this grant and utilize Airtek Environmental Corp’s …

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SBA Courses | Sustainable Building Advisor Training in Queens NY

3 May 2010

Airtek Environmental Corp. Introduces the Only Sustainable Building Advisor Course in Queens |

The ONLY SBA Courses in Queens In response to a growing need for sustainable building education, Airtek Environmental Corp., a leading provider of environmental consulting, laboratory analysis, and construction industry training services, will introduce the only Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) course in Queens. The firm has formed a partnership with Queens College to launch the SBA …

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EPA Lead Renovator Training in New York

24 March 2010

Airtek Environmental Launches the EPA Lead Renovator Training Coures |

Airtek Launches EPA Lead Renovator Training Course Good News! Airtek has launched an EPA Lead Renovator Training Course. It’s a new law with severe penalties.  After April 22, 2010, contractors and property owners who perform renovation, repair, and painting that disturb lead based paint in pre-1978 housing or child occupied facility must be certified by …

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Fiterman Hall Deconstruction | Airtek Environmental

10 March 2010

Fiterman Hall Deconstruction and Remediation Nears Completion |

Fiterman Hall Deconstruction and Remediation Airtek is managing all environmental aspects of the Fiterman Hall Deconstruction and Remediation phases. This project has involved careful application of nearly every environmental specialty from industrial hygiene studies for workers accessing the site, to waste characterization of both potentially hazardous building components and normally non-hazardous components impacted by World …

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