7 July 2021

New York HERO Act |,

The NY Hero Act has been signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo! This act directs the NYS Departments of Labor and Health to create enforceable health and safety requirements to prevent airborne infectious diseases in the workplace. As more employees return to the office in the wake of Covid-19, we have to look towards …

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Why is OSHA training important? | Airtek Environmental | New York

5 October 2020

The Importance of OSHA Training |, , ,

Why is OSHA Training Important? You may ask yourself, Why is OSHA Training Important? The state of safety regulations and requirements in the workplace has only come to truly benefit workers in recent years. The history of industry work and medical work is rife with stories of unsettling accidents and the spread of disease amongst …

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10 September 2020

Local Law 31 of 2020 |, , ,

Our firm is ready to assist you as you navigate Lead policy, including recently enacted Local Lead Law 31 of 2020. This law from HPD states that an owner must use an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified inspector or risk assessor, independent of the owner or any firm hired to perform lead-based paint remediation, to test …

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Mold Inspection New York | Mold Inspection NYC | Airtek Environment

31 August 2017

Mold Inspection in New York: Airtek Environmental |

Mold Inspection NYC New York prides itself on being an epicenter of business and culture in the United States. Companies that make their homes on and around Long Island know that maintaining an environment of safety and good health for their employees is essential to staying successful in the fast paced world of business in …

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Soil Investigation Report | Soil investigation reporting in New York NY | Airtek Environmental

31 July 2017

Soil Investigation Reports |

Soil Investigation Report When planning to build in the city, there are elements to consider long before construction begins. The city of New York has seen buildings come and go and little virgin soil remains on Long Island. Most properties in and around New York City have held multiple buildings since the city’s founding. The …

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Lead Paint Poisoning Symptoms | Airtek Environmental | New York

26 July 2017

Lead Paint Symptoms |

Lead Paint Poisoning Lead paint has a longstanding legacy for the Baby Boomer generation. The lead paint used on toys and in household products carries a notorious reputation of causing lead poisoning in adults and children alike. While many modern homes have been long since freed of the worries of lead paint contamination, many old …

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Deconstruction vs Demolition in New York | Airtek Environmental

24 July 2017

Deconstruction vs. Demolition | Airtek Environmental |

Deconstruction vs Demolition Bringing down a building that’s past repair can cause a lot of mess and take a lot of time to destroy and clear, but there are concerns that lie within the walls of older buildings that many businesses may not think about. Commercial buildings constructed before the times of OSHA and modern …

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Healthy Workplace Environment | Airtek Environmental | New York

21 July 2017

Having a Healthy Workplace Environment |

Healthy Workplace Environment Since OSHA’s inception in 1970, businesses have been seeing continuous gains from committing to safety training and upholding regulations as established by OSHA. The costs of an unsafe work environment can stack up over the year and severely damage the bottom line. The financial gains of well-enforced safety regulations paired with regular …

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How to Recognize Mold | New York City | Airtek Environmental

11 July 2017

How to Recognize Mold |

How to Recognize Mold Mold is a big issue wrapped in a small package. As a potential health hazard and code violation, the presence of mold can end up costing money and time if it isn’t taken care of before it spreads. Working with an environmental investigation company that knows how to recognize mold and …

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